Warranties and Guarantees

Please note that any warranty claims arriving at TGL without a fully completed Warranty Claim form, associated claim documentation and RMA number will result in the claim being unprocessed and the goods may be returned to you at your cost.

Click here to download the TGL Warranty Claim Form Here

To give you peace of mind, TGL offer you 2 types of Warranty claim:

No Quibble

Where a credit will be raised for the parts supplied by TGL only. The ‘No Quibble’ offer only applies to cases where there are no associated costs attached to the claim. Credits will not be given if the units show signs of:

  1. Incorrect fitment.
  2. Wrong for application
  3. Driver misuse.
  4. Oil contamination,or evidence of use of a ‘copper’ based grease.
  5. Handling neglect.
  6. Missing components.


This is when additional items are being claimed for such as labour charges. In these cases, all parts undergo functional testing and analysis at TGL, or supplier, test facility. If it is proven that the parts perform to specification, the claim will be rejected. If manufacturing faults are found the claim is upheld and paid accordingly.

Refunds of towing charges, storage or vehicle hire are not covered by the TGL Warranty offer. All labour rates are checked against OEM Repair Time Data. Any warranty reimbursement paid is full and final settlement of the claim. TGL will not accept retrospective claims after initial settlement.

TGL Terms & Conditions

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